I designed a band logo for use on t-shirts, an album cover, and screenprints. 
White Buffalo Woman, a soulful explosion of homegrown rock-and-roll weaves magic into every note of their forthcoming EP. Their catchy impassioned music transports you to a gritty 60s dance hall. Youth and vigor and rough rock assertion nod at the modern soul revival of such bands as the Alabama Shakes and Mayer Hawthorne.
I'm waiting with baited breath to get my hands on a freshly pressed copy of this self-titled EP. The new (old) sound of the few songs I've heard are auditory bliss. I encourage anyone reading this to jump on the bandwagon early and give find a copy soon - before they become the next big thing of 2013. I'm honored to be working with these guys.

- AW
The following EP concepts inspired the final two album sleeves (above).
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