Over the course of one night I recorded the verbal conversations in my kitchen on an old cassette recorder. During my physical interactions I noticed myself checking and replying to text messages. I wrote down each message along with the snippet of  real-life conversation that I was having at the same time. Most of the spoken content is silly and unimportant, but what I find the most interesting is the clear lack of focus. As I try to text more, my letters get jumbled and I leave pauses and confusion in my physical conversation.

I wanted the photos to reflect the sort of confusion and glitches that occur while doing two things at once. I took images of myself texting as well as the kitchen and what was going on around me at the time. As the book progresses, more pixel-like bars start to appear in the space reserved for conversation.

The book is about the size and shape and look of my phone. The text messages and photos were printed digitally, but each physical conversation was very carefully letterpressed for emphasis on the tactile.
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