My proposed design combines old-world Lisbon landmarks with cutting-edge news technologies in augmented reality. My colorful illustrations of Praça do Comércio and Alfama with the National Pantheon include elements of digitally overlaid information. These two iconic places reflect the city’s vibrant life and rich history. In the future, augmented reality may help to guide tourists and interested citizens by using news stories and way-finding devices. I chose to research recent news pieces specific to each landmark, and from these I created the headlines in the visuals. I also created map markers and way-finding icons that could help tourists who are using augmented reality. The color palette aims to reflect Lisbon’s lively summer atmosphere and colorful architecture. The palette incorporates the original logo and brand colors along with new complementary warm shades. All of the graphics were made in Adobe Illustrator, so they are easily scalable to any size.
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