Meaningful Contradictions
A Systems Project
I discovered that I absorb many words every day without noticing, whether from friends or strangers or corporations. My environment implants words into my mind. Context and individual thought processes shape my interpretations. I captured words - information that I encounter constantly - and transformed them into visual ideas. These words adopted a poetic light and took on greater meaning when removed from their original setting.
For two weeks I collected phrases and sentences. Friends contributed some in daily conversation while strangers unwittingly shared a few through overheard discourse. None were planned; none were asked for. I picked words that felt at least intriguing, or at most, bafflingly contradictory. “Today is not a day;” “Place is more than scenery;” “It's raining in my heart,”- some of these phrases contain personal meaning while others reveal a glimpse of someone else's life. I typed the chosen words onto strips of paper, created a three-dimensional piece, placed candles inside, and watched as their meanings evolved.
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